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Workshops and Lectures

Available throughout the year, Equity-Based EiE Consulting has several signature offers tailored to your organisation, individual or academic institutions' needs. We pride ourselves on designing learning experiences that are innovative, inclusive and practical.

Guest Lecture: Race, Power and Positionality in Humanitarian aid/

Education in Emergencies

This lecture is designed to complement universities teaching Humanitarian aid, Education and International Development. The lectures are designed to be delivered to students at undergraduate, postgrad and doctoral levels.

Feminist Informed Participatory Action Research

This workshop aims to support students and community researchers to critically reflect and apply  Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPAR) principles to their community-based research projects. 

Introduction to Critical Participatory Action Research 

This one or two-day workshop provides students with a thorough grounding in critical participatory action research.

By the end of the workshop, all participants will have a thorough grounding of CPAR. Participants will gain language, frameworks, and conceptual understanding of what CPAR design means and looks like.

Digital Participatory Action Research 

This two-day practical, interactive workshop will provide participants with the resources and tools to conduct participatory action research online : 

  • Using participatory methods e.g. photovoice, audio, visual) online

  • Creating principled spaces onlin

Introduction to participatory analysis and dissemination

By the end of this workshop, all participants will understand how to jointly code data and discuss some of the challenges that arise from participatory analysis and dissemination. In addition, they will have the tools to apply an intersectional lens to their data analysis

Introduction to Equity-Based Design Thinking

By the end of the workshop, all participants will have a thorough grounding in Equity-Based Design thinking principles. Participants will gain language, frameworks, and conceptual understanding of what equity design means and looks like; also consider how their own varied identities inform DT and assumptions about the problem & subsequent action research strategies and actions.

Who we have worked with

Dr. Hedy Lahmann, University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy 

Jess Oddy is a brilliant EiE scholar, professional, and educator. I had the privilege of hosting Ms. Oddy (title?) as a guest speaker for my International Development and Education course at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago, and students referred back to her lecture and her work throughout time and again throughout the quarter.  She blends a wealth of scholarly knowledge, innovative ideas, and practical experience into her discussions. She is able to translate thick theoretical concepts into accessible and practical examples from her wealth of experience in the field. Her work is powerful, important, and resonates with the needs of the education in conflict and crisis sector right now. 

Dr. Amy Kapit, Swarthmore College 

Jess's guest lectures have enriched my classes on education in emergencies and peace & conflict studies. She brings a valuable and critical perspective that draws on her wealth of experience as a practitioner and research and has helped my students think about how to do humanitarian aid in a way that is more equitable, peaceful, and just. My students have returned to her insights repeatedly throughout the course of our semester together. 

Dr. Lealle Ruhl, Langara College

Your presentation left the students with lots to talk about--I especially appreciated the distinction you drew between colonization and coloniality--this has helped many of our students make sense of the structural oppression we have been studying that links systemic violence and oppression.

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