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Our Work


Strategic guidance 

We work with organisations committed to designing equity-based programmes, policies and organisational structures. From project development, leading and supporting stakeholder convenings, in collaboration with advisory bodies, training, and workshop delivery to guiding strategic processes, we can help your organisation 


Redesigning aid traineeship

Through our bespoke shifting the power learning labs, we work with forcibly displaced students, activists

and community organisers, co-learning and building research skills. Our trainees go on to collaborate on consultancies, lead workshops and conduct research independently.


Creating communities of learning

In 2023, we will be launching our redesigning aid and critical participatory action research courses aimed at anyone working in the social impact space driven to do things differently. We do this through 
● Expert sessions or masterclasses
● Online and in-person
● Peer and collaborative learning
● 1:1 sessions
● Coaching
● Mentorship

04 Learning partner

We collaborate with organisations, institutions and start-ups to support their learning needs, further develop and test their ideas or new projects. Rooted in equity-based design thinking, we support organisations to design innovative theories of change, systems and stakeholder mapping, prototyping and piloting, user journey and user testing, pitching and storytelling and understanding and sharing impact.


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