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We support universities and institutions through strategic planning processes, program development and course creation to enable radically inclusive structures, systems and projects.


We support organisations and practitioners with practical resources and steps to codesign programmes, policies and research rooted in social just, decolonial and equity-based design thinking 


We support organisations, practitioners and students design participatory action research, consultacies rooted in visual,  audio and participatory storytelling practices


We provide one-to-one and group coaching for practitioners looking for tailored and personalised support  for equity-centred  programmes and action-orientated research. In 2023, we will also offer  transformational change support, on a monthly basis to support your organisation's needs.

Redesign Aid 

We work, co-design, co-learn and collaborated with underrepresented groups, and people with lived experiences of forced migration

Online Courses Launching in 2023

Here at Equity-Based EIE Consulting, we facilitate learning that enables participants to design equity-driven interventions.  Our courses are more than just courses, they are community spaces, collaboration hubs and learning labs. Through our innovative facilitation methods, participants complete our programmes with new models for programmatic design, action-orientated research routed in equity-based design thinking principles, socially-just theories and radically inclusive principles. 

1) Redesigning Social Impact: How to Design Equity-Based Programmes, Research and Evaluations.

Portrait faces of lots of different people, of different genders, races, body compositionsand hair s

Group Membership  - Next intake January 2023: Register Your Interest HERE

This is our signature course. If through your work or studies you have a role in designing programmes, evaluations or conducting research, then this is the course for you! Over 6 weeks, you will join a global learning experience accessing lectures, tools, and resources to embed practical, equity-based design thinking, decolonial, and socially- just methods to your work.  Our sessions are based on collaborative learning methodologies  and many of our guest speakers have lived experience of being recipients of aid.

You will have the opportunity to join a closed community of practice group to share resources, questions, have access to webinars by specialists in the field, and network.

Who should attend:

Postgraduate/Undergraduate students, academics, INGOs, Community-based organisations

Scholarships and partial fee waivers are available

 2) Redesiging Research: An Introduction to Critical Participatory Action Research 

Next Intake : March 2023 

This e-learning course introduces participants to critical participatory action research as a research method, and the tools and resources to facilitate community-based research projects, rooted in Participatory Action Research methods. This is the course for you if you want to learn how to design and deliver equity-based research that challenges traditional extractive knowledge production practices and enable researchers/practitioners to design research with and for communities. 

Who should attend: 

Practitioners, Postgraduate and Undergraduate students, INGOs.

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